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Testimonial from Chris

 “I was totally impressed with the thorough teaching of the Swift Path program and the support I received from Dr. Stickney and his staff. His calm manner and expertise made my recovery amazing. I was expecting to have terrible pain and was pleasantly surprised how well the pain management program controlled my discomfort. I was able to go home from recovery room and was mobile at home with a walker. I am a nurse and would recommend Dr. Stickney and the SwiftPath Program to anyone who needs knee replacement surgery.” — Chris

Testimonial from Sharon

“Dr. Stickney and staff are fantastic! The SwiftPath program is so thorough, you understand exactly what is happening. After my right knee replacement, at 6 weeks my knee was as flexible as if I had never had it replaced. I totally trusted Dr. Stickney with any orthopedic problems that I have had, and will continue to do so in the future.


Testimonial from Steve

“My hip replacement surgery was 9/20/2017 and I left the hospital the same day. I was able to walk up a flight of stairs to my home recovery room. I walked a few times every day by using a walker and switched to a cane not long after. The pre-operation instructions were very clear and thorough. The recovery care was amazing with at home physical therapy, and the aftercare therapy and checkups were thorough and attentive. Dr. Stickney and all related healthcare associates were excellent.”