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3 Secrets to Improving your Orthopedic Health

Walkers_350x233Thousands of people every day are starting out on a path towards a healthier lifestyle. This means that people are now more conscious about what they eat, and many people are trying out new types of exercise they would never have dreamed of before. While the goal here is to stay healthy and active, many people often forget that adding daily exercise to their lifestyle can take a toll on their body and orthopedic health.

As people become more active, the number of bone and joint injuries and chronic conditions continues to increase. This increase calls for a need to take care of our orthopedic health. Read about these few secrets that will help you improve your orthopedic health and ultimately avoid injury.


For proper bone health your body requires lots of calcium and vitamin D. The vitamin D allows your body to efficiently absorb the calcium, which in turn builds your bones. Because your body cannot create calcium on its own, it is important to eat foods that contain this important nutrient.

So, what kinds of foods should you eat? Dark leafy greens like spinach, turnip greens, broccoli, and kale are all extremely high in calcium. There are also many cereals that are packed full of the vital nutrient. Yogurt and other dairy products are also a great source of calcium for your body.

It is a good idea to add at least one high calcium food to your meal plan everyday. Although we usually don’t think about it, our bone health is extremely important as we get older. These foods can help your bones stay healthy so that you avoid injury further down the line.


Leading an active lifestyle is an extremely important component to maintaining your orthopedic healthy. However, avoiding high-impact types of exercise is crucial. High-impact activities create extreme wear and tear on your bones that is counteractive to orthopedic health. Activities like fast paced walking, using hand-held weights, and stretching bands are great alternatives.

It is also important to remember to stretch before and after a workout. Increasing your flexibility will help you maintain a wide range of mobility, which will in turn help you avoid injury.

Good Posture

Most people would not expect that posture has an effect on bone health. However, having good posture can greatly reduce unnecessary pressure on your joints, alleviate ligament stress, and prevent back pain. Correct posture also keeps bones and joints in the proper alignment so that your muscles can function properly.

Sleeping posture is also incredibly important. Make sure that you sleep lying on your back or on your side with your knees slightly bent. These positions will keep the natural curvature of your spine in the correct position, and thus alleviate joint stress.

These three 3 secrets are only the first stepping-stones on your journey towards total and complete orthopedic health. Always make sure to eat smart, live healthy, and stay active. Following these simple rules will start you out on the track to success.

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